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Hi Dulce i would like to see a look book for fall. I Love your style God Bless

I wish i had at least half of your makeup collection :)

Dulce, you make me want to wear bell bottoms.

I want the bag...

Beautiful eye makeup :)

Cant wait to buy this palette.

I love it, beautiful eye makeup. Dulce you look amazing!!! :)

Congrats, lucky lady :D

Este outfit esta muy elegante, me facina el lace.

Dulce te miras increiblemente hermosa!!

I love the dress and purse :) Dulce you look really young in this pics :)

I wish i can rock those tipe of earing like you do but i dont look good. Your beautiful Dulce y arriba Michoacan huh!!! :)

Love your natural hair..

Im more in to the skinny jeans but girl you rocking those bell bottoms :)

Beautiful outfit, dulce you look fabulous.

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