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Products look really nice! So elegant design!

Wow! Very nice haul! :) By the way, I see your husband on the background. ;D

Wow! Absolutely amazing make-up!!! Love it! <3

Love your boots and cute bag! :)

Wow! Very nice and so fast hairstyle! :)

Very nice video and products :)

Yes, it's really sad. No one deserve for something like that. Especially kids. World should know that someone has got business in it. Many countries can defeat ISIS. So why they don't try? That's really weird...

Wow! Fantastic products! :)

This make-up is really amazing!!! You're perfect Dulce.

OMG! Really great! :)

Wow! So beautiful! :)

Wow! You look fantastic! Love the make-up, hairstyle and date outfit. By the way, your closet is totally amazing!!! :)

Love Chloe ballerinas, bag and both pair of boots. <3

Great rules! Love the photo.

This post is so inspirational! Everyone should read it.

Pretty things! :)

Love your pants, boots and necklace! :)

This make-up is amazing!!! <3

Perfect look! Love the YSL bag! <3

Fantastic photos and amazing couple! Love your make-up and outfit! <3

This is amazing!!!

Wow! Product look really nice!

I'm not a big fan of animal prints but this look is really great! :) Nice match! By the way, pretty pics and make-up. :)

Absolutely love this look! :)

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