A real-life fairy tale: Lily James shows us how Princess is done at the #CinderellaPremiere

Most girls went through a princess phase at some point. Actually, many women I know still hold onto that fantasy in some way. Few lucky ones earn the actual title, but British actress Lily James trumped all that royal blood nonsense and got herself cast as Cinderella in Disney’s latest epic

Sure, Prince Charming is a doll and all, but how about that dress?! #bestillmyheart

#CindarellaPremiere Lily James

Source: Glamour

I mean, a light-as-air-crystal-dusted gown by Elie Saab couture and glass-like lace-strewn slippers by Christian Louboutin. 

 Cindarella glass slippers

Source: Glamour

And did you notice her Charlotte Olympia clock clutch? Game. Over. This woman is clearly not meant for the peasant life. 

clock clutch Charlotte Olympia

Source: Glamour

It’s so over the top that it’s satisfied my princess fantasies for a while. But then again…maybe I’ll pin these images and construct my own fantasy-look soon just for fun.

Did you have a Princess phase? Do you have a photo to prove it? Submit it to me and I just might do a follow-up post! 



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