Outfit of the Day: Grey Scale

Monday’s outfit matched my current mood towards time change because all i wanted to wear was black and/or grey. A frisky, cloudy, and dark afternoon reflect my outfit and this is a prime example for me as I like to dress to tell the days story.

Romper:: Eden Sky (similar)// Tights:: House of Holland// Shoes:: Similar here// Blazer:: Walter(similar)// Bag:: Chanel
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China Glaze Haul & Review: Apocalypse, Twinkle, & All Aboard

Fist and foremost I would like to give a shout out to my girl Bethany who handles PR for China Glaze for sending me a surprise care package with these three new collections!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt excited for new nail polish collections, but these three where quite the delight! I was personally the most thrilled over the Holiday Twinkle Collection, but I feel like there’s something for everyone because of the variety of shades and finishes provided in all three.

First collection I’ll be reviewing is called ‘Apocalypse’. Just in time for Halloween. From Glow in the Dark polish, to colors inspired by guts oozing out of a zombie! Defiantly a lot of fun ways to get creative with nail art this Halloween.

In order:
1. Ghoulish Glow
2. Rest in Pieces
3. Getting to Gnaw You
4. I <3 Your Guts
5. Don’t Let the Dead Bite
6. But of Corpse

This next set of polishes are from their ‘Twinkle Holiday Collection’. This is the one I’m the most excited for because there’s nothing I love more than glitter! It makes painting your nails so much fun and it really sets the mood for the holiday spirit.

In order:
1. De-light
2. Define Good
3. Tip Your Hat
4. Meet Me Under the Stars
5. I’d Melt for You
6. Dancing & Prancing
7. No Peeking!
8. Out Like a Light
9. Pine-ing for Glitter
10. Feeling Twinkly
11. December to Remember
12. Chillin’ with my Snowmies

P.S. Loving the creative names! So cute, especially ‘Chillin’ with my Snowmies’!

This is their Fall 2014 “All Aboard” Collection. Inspired by the rich and neutral hues of fall, this collection has plenty of earthy warm tones that you currently see all around you in nature.

In order:
1. Don’t Get Derailed
2. Choo-Choo Choose You
3. All Aboard
4. Nice Caboose
5. Conduct Yourself
6. Lug Your Designer Baggage
7. What are you A Freight of?
8. Mind the Gap
9. Well Trained
10. One Track Mind
11. Loco-motive
12. Stop the Train

Which ones did you find the most appealing? I would love to know your favorites!
Thank you for watching/reading and I hope you found this post/video helpful. Till next time everyone!

Dulce Candy

Outfit of the Day: Alterations

Here’s another dress that was tailored by my go to lady Mrs. Olga. I’m such a happy client and I can’t express that enough. She’s a professional seamstress who specializes in alterations! I mean you really won’t find someone who’s professional, fast, and AFFORDABLE like her.

I wanted to share her information with you guys if you live in the San Fernando Valley and are looking for someone to do alterations among other things. She has her own little shop in Canoga Park solely operated by her. I typically taker her 10-15 pieces at a time and when she calls to let me know that everything is ready (usually in a week), I already have another 15 pieces for her to work on. I’m taking her my whole wardrobe! There’s nothing like having everything in your closet fit your body the way it’s suppose to. I have endless options now and I have her to thank.

Olga Dress Maker
21520 Sherman Way
Los Angeles, CA 91303
10:00AM -7:00 PM

Oh and by the way, this is the same lady who altered my gown 4 hours before the Elton John Oscars Party. I made plans to attend the event last minute, I went to the Topanga mall to buy a dress the same day! Since the dress didn’t fit me properly, I knew I was going to need emergency alterations.That’s when my husband googled for a local seamstress, found Mrs. Olga on Yelp, he called her and told her our situation, and she got it done in 2 hours!!

Dress:: Zara (similar)// Shoes:: Unknown// Bag:: Saint Laurent// Belt:: Zara

Tips on Wearing Over-the-Knee Boots (Petite)

If you’re petite like me (5’3″ and under), then you’ve probably felt isolated from several trends/styles because of our height. I don’t like to dress by the ‘rules’ because then it limits my creativity and expression. So if you’ve ever felt that you can’t wear OTK boots because you’re short, hopefully these tips give you the confidence to try them out!

- First and foremost, I would recommend finding a solid style. Prints regardless of the size, can be too overwhelming on petite legs.

- Make sure the length of the boot fits snug. It’s doesn’t have to feel and look tight, but as long as the thigh area doesn’t ‘swim’ in the center you should be good. If you do find a style that you really love, but the thigh area doesn’t fit, you can either take them to your local cobbler, or you can do what I do and buy affordable thigh-high socks to match your boots. You can also pull them slightly higher than the boot to make the shoes look and feel fitted at the top (like I did here).

- Wear matching pants! One of the easiest ways to rock your OTKB. Grey boots= grey jeans/leggings or pants. You want to keep everything streamlined.

- Give yourself 4-6 inches of free space (visible fabric or skin) between boot and skirts/shorts. The more thigh you show the better!

- Keep the rest of the outfit fitted. You want to avoid flowy tops or heavy bulky jackets. Keeping the look proportionate.

- Avoid flat OTK boots. They swallow your legs and can make you appear shorter. The trick is to have at least a few inches of heel to elongate the legs!

- And last but definitely not least…rock them with confidence! That’s all it takes!

I want to thank Guess for the opportunity to take part of their #BootieShot campaign!

The boots that I’m wearing in this post are the Guess Zonian Over-the-Knee Pointed-Toe Boots in dark grey!

Sweater:: French Connection// Shorts:: H&M// Boots:: Guess// Bag:: Segolene en cuir

Outfit of the Day: When the Pants Fit

I finally found a trusted and experienced seamstress who is now my go to lady for custom made clothing and alterations. These printed pants where from the first batch of clothing I took in about 2 weeks ago. Now, they fit like a glove and I have such a variety of things that I can actually wear. There’s nothing like having clothes fit you the way they’re suppose to. I’ll be featuring tons of different printed pants for the next month that have been sitting in my closet for the past 2 years and never wore because I didn’t think I had the time for alterations. Miss Olga delivers about 12 pieces of mine every two weeks and thanks to her, I’ve had so many wearable options in my wardrobe. Oh and not to mention, shes affordable!

Cropped top:: (new) Top Shop (similar)// Pants:: H&M// Shoes:: Jimmy Choo// Bag:: Saint Laurent