My latest style obsessions, #OOTD and bargain hunt finds.

Outfit of the Day: Cozy Sweater and Boots

Hey there beauties!Can I just express the content I feel for having the first "cold" day of the year? Well, it started out that way and I dressed as you see me, but then the weather quickly changed around noon. I basically ended up looking like a fool wearing this in mid 80 degree weather. Read more

Outfit of the Day: Black Romper w/ a Hipster Feel

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Wanted to share this look that I wore yesterday to pick up my son from school and take him to his mixed martial arts class!Side note: I was so happy to find this spot to shoot this look because the leaves from the trees are now Read more

#OOTD White and Blue paired w/ Orange

A busy day calls for a casual, but stylish outfit. Lots of running around town lately because Jesse and I have been keeping Izek busy with activities. Between school, soccer, and martial arts, our little man is one active dude. I wore this outfit because trousers are the next level of comfort i Read more

#OOTD Glam Fall Look w/ Over the Knee Boots

Hey loves! It's been a while since I've shared my outfits of the day and I have most of them archived and ready for my next site migration. I wanted to post this one because I got so much love on Instagram that I wanted to give you all the details. Enjoy! xx Read more

#WipeforWater Challenge ft. Kristen Bell

Hi Everyone!   As a resident of California, it’s become very apparent to me what we have to make changes in our daily habits to help conserve water. Our state is in a drought crisis and if we each make a small change in our day to day lives and rituals, we Read more

Hispanicize 2015 - Article from

Hi everyone!   I can't wait to tell you all about my experience attending the Hispanicize 2015 conference! I'll have a full recap for you guys soon.   Until then I just wanted to share this article about the event from - I get mentioned! =) Read more

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