Domestic and global travels and inspirations.

FYF 2016

Hi! Hope you all had an incredible weekend.  Since the move into our new home, I haven't had the opportunity to go out much due to the unpacking and organizing which has taken over my life.  So I was super excited when I had the chance to partner with Read more

My 10 Travel Must Haves + Tips

I’ve been blessed with opportunities that offer me the chance to venture out and see the world. While traveling is one of my passions, it can take a toll on my skin. I’ve figured out what works for me to take care of my skin while I travel. The key is keeping yourself hydrated. Be sur Read more

Coachella 2015 Diary

For the third straight year, I was able to attend the hottest festival of the year.  COACHELLA! Day 1: Unfortunately, I was only at Coachella  day 1 for 4 hours.  Damn you Friday traffic!  I caught a couple of bands playing, but the ones that stood out to me were Tame I Read more

NYC is Always a Good Idea

Hey loves! This past Tuesday I made a quick one day trip to New York City to speak at the Hispanic Marketing Forum at Google. Along side of me where two amazing and talented people, Chumel Torres and Read more

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