Coachella 2014 Photo Diary

While I was looking forward to the festival once again (Spicy pies…mmm), I couldn’t stop thinking about the unpredictable weather in Indio. Last year for the first weekend, Jesse and I were unprepared to say the least. We didn’t bring a small blanket, a backpack, a sweater, or a Camelbak to hydrate (H2O is $2). The wind picked up Saturday night; so needless to say, the lines at the gift shop were full of people trying to get sweaters (including us ☹).

This year we went a bit more prepared with a thin blanket, sweaters, a backpack (to sneak “Water” into the main terrace…lol), and Jesse’s Camelbak. We decided to leave the blanket back at the hotel because the rules stated “No Blankets” even though we seen plenty at the festival.

Jesse and I decided to check in on Thursday so we wouldn’t be rushing Friday morning. Fruttare hooked us up with some Coachella VIP passes. Along with all the great artists that played, there was plenty of art that caught my eye like the giant robot that I Instagrammed, and the lethargic-moving spaceman. My favorite was the Cryo-chrome (spinning room). The line didn’t stop all weekend just like at the Fruttare tent. Whoever missed the tent, missed out on their amazing coconut bars. Delish!

The performances were awesome. The DJ’s really had the crowds jumping all weekend. My favorite performances were Outkast, Lorde, and Ellie Goulding. And yes I missed several performances like: Nas, Jay-Z, Beyonce & and Pharell…ughh!

Overall, the Coachella was unforgettable. The food, music, and venue did not disappoint. I am looking forward to next year already. I wish they had the lineups prior to buying tickets though. Thanks again for checking out my blog. Make sure to comment down below.

*Gotta warn you…..this post is picture heavy!*


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Aspen Colorado Last Look

Hello there sugar plumps! Today I wanted to share with you the last cold weather look from our trip in Aspen. I’m finally back in sunny Southern California after a week long work vacation. I’m missing the snow already. Just being up in a cabin tucked away in the mountains everyday is what I’m yearning the most. Even though it was only 1 HR and 30 minutes on plane, it still felt like we were in a different world. Makes me want to travel to other states that we have yet to discover. Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming maybe? What beauty does your state carry?

Aspen dulce candy

(items remixed)

The Beauty of Growing Up

The time is getting near and we have to depart this place which seems like only a dream. I make traveling one of my priorities because I love creating memories and capturing them in pictures and video.

If you’ve seen this VLOG, then you know I’ve had some pretty mild hoarding tendencies because I use to have a hard time detaching my emotions from objects. I felt that if I lost and gave away certain things that had sentimental value, then the memory would be gone with it too, but it’s not true. Memories are forever in your heart and with technology now days, it’s easy to capture moments so they can last forever. I’m talking about this because I wanted to share with you how much it means to me to travel to different places. It can be anywhere from the next city over, to across the world in a new country.

Maturity can do wonders to your soul when you start to realize how miniscule the things you thought where important actually aren’t. A lot of things use to stress me out and it wasn’t until I turned 26 that I became more aware with life and just enjoying every moment you are blessed with. I’ve always been good at dealing with change, especially because in the military that’s something that comes quite often. When I had Izek and I started to see him grow up so fast, I started to get scared. And to think that I’m now in my late 20′s…man, that sent me into a full-blown panic attack. That’s the beauty of life though, we grow old. We live. We just have to make sure that every moment is well spent with the people you love, doing the things that truly make your soul happy, like painting. It’s actually one of my hidden talents. I mean, I’m no Picasso by any means, but I think I’m good enough to where I can call it a hidden talent.

Painting, or just art in general brings so much joy to my heart. I like to paint spontaneously because I don’t like having “schedules”. When I paint instead of doing something I’m obligated to do, that’s when the real happiness comes out. I end of having a better day. And at the end of the day, happiness is a choice. How can we not choose to be happy and do things that bring that emotion out.

Anyway, this post is longer than I expect, but I’m sitting in my cabin, back from dog sledding, and I felt like letting my feelings out. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve done this and almost always end up deleting it and just writing my outfit details. I hope some of you can appreciate this. Take care and see you tomorrow!

Beanie: NANA Earflap// Jacket:: Michael Kors// Sweater:: J.Crew// Boots:: Khumbu or similar

Aspen Colorado Look #2

Today is our 4th day in Aspen and we are so excited that it’s been snowing all day long! Lots of tiny snowflakes falling everywhere and it’s just a magical view to witness. I know I sound overly excited about snow, but it’s my first time in my 26 years of life that I’ve been around such a wonderful snow flurry! I woke up this morning to see everything white outside and I’ve really enjoyed sitting in our front porch, in the middle of nowhere, watching the snowflakes fall so peacefully in such a quite place. This trip has been so good to my soul and has re energized me in ways I can’t even share with you because of my lack of words. Making memories and spending time with the people I love is what I love to do.

P.S. Here’s my new video! Picked up lots of new products and I can’t wait to start filming tutorials with them!
Is there any items from the haul that you would like a review on? Let me know in the comment section here!

Flower Beauty & Hard Candy HAUL + Swatches

Jacket:: Fera // Boots: Khombu or similar // Scarf:: Target or similar

In Aspen Colorado

Hey there my sugar pies! I’m blogging to you all the way from the very icy frigid Aspen Co.
We took a family vacation this week to celebrate Izek’s 3rd birthday here and enjoy the snow for the first time. If you’re an avid viewer of my YouTube channel, then you know that I’ve been craving a real winter wonderland. I’ve never touched or seen real snow in my entire life until now and it’s just so magical, cold, and powdery. I love it here! The residents here are so blessed to be around beautiful scenery all around.
We rented a cabin in the middle of the mountains and we are just enjoying the bright white snow that blankets this city as we relax in our cozy home for the week.

Keep a look out for Daily Vlogs of our trip here! XO

Coat:: Forever 21 or similar // Dress:: Local boutique or similar// Tights:: Target or similar// Scarf:: H&M or similar// Beanie:: Forever 21 or similar// Snow boots:: Khombu or similar

Khombu Snow Boots:

Grey Beanies: