Coachella 2015 Diary

For the third straight year, I was able to attend the hottest festival of the year.  COACHELLA!

Day 1: Unfortunately, I was only at Coachella  day 1 for 4 hours.  Damn you Friday traffic!  I caught a couple of bands playing, but the ones that stood out to me were Tame Impala and AC/DC.  AC/DC closed the night out and rocket out for about 2 hours.  Jesse was sooo excited! 

Day 2: I started the day out by having breakfast at Karen's Cafe on Country Club Dr then we headed back to the beach/pool because Izek was so excited to take a dip.  Jesse and I were back at the festival by 4 O'Clock since Jesse really wanted to see Milky Chance perform.  Saturday's stay was brief.  After Hozier performed, we walked around a bit more and captured a few pics with my new S6 Edge before we headed back to the hotel. :D

Day 3: This was the day I was waiting for...Drake was here, and Madonna was supposed to make an apperance.  I was sooo hungry and I had yet to taste any of that AMAZING SPICY PIE that's always at Coachella.  So you know that was the first place we hit up once we got there.  At the Mojave stage, we watched Vance Joy play.  He was great.  After his performance, we walked around and enjoyed the art display.  As the sun set, we headed to the Ferris wheel.  The line was ridiculously long, but a Coachella trip isn't complete without a ride on the wheel.  After the ride, we caught some of Florence+the Machine's perfomance, then headed to see Fitz & the Tantums. 

After a looooooong 30 minute delay,  Drake finally showed up.  He played all his hits, includings 0 to 100, How Bout Now, The Motto, and Know Yourself.  Madonna made her surprise appearance during the Madonna song.  I'm sure you guys know about the kiss, so I won't go into that.  It was craaaazy! As a witness to the event, all I have to say is that it seemed like Drake enjoyed it. TMZ is just starting drama.  We finally called it a night by 11:30pm. 

My favorite arts had to be the Giant Butterfly and the Corporate Headquarters which was honestly kind of weird. But isn't that what art is suppose to be sometimes.  I always look forward to that.

Hope you guys enjoyed my brief picture diary today. If you get a chance to go, i highly recommend it.  

And, thank you to Style Haul for sending us and the #StyleChella weekend!



Anyone going to week 2?



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