Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick


Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick is as hard as finding a white cat in a snowstorm.  It can be done, but it takes a lot of studious examination.

I was very thrilled to receive this new lipstick collection from Marc Jacobs Beauty because they created a realiable collection of creamy lipsticks. It makes it easy to find that immpecable tone of red according your skintone and haircolor.

Take these tips into consideration when searching for that perfect RED.

WARM- Golden or apricot undertones

Hair color is blonde, silver or red.

* Tones of light reds and cool blues work best. Avoid plum and berry reds.

* Shades to try: Oh, Miley or Je T'aime


Hair color is brunette or black.

* Tones like bright reds, blue reds work best. Avoid orange reds.

* Shades to try: Goddess or Blow


Cool- Pink or rosy undertones

Hair color is blonde, silver or red.

* Tones of coral reds, punchy reds work best. Avoid brown reds.

* Shades to try: Core Cora or Goddess


Hair color is brunette or black.

* Tones like tomatoe reds or rusty reds work best. Avoid bright berry reds.

* Shades to try: Rei of light or Miss Scarlet

(L to R)

Oh Miley, Je T'aime, Goddess, Blow, Core Cora, Rei of Light, Miss Scarlet

Le Marc Lipstick Shades

Oh Miley 200: Bright Red with Cool Undertone

Je Ta'ime 238: Rosy Red

Goddess 202: Classic Red

Blow 210: Burgundy Red

Core Cora 234: Orange Red

Rei of Light 212: Deep Sienna Orange

Miss Scarlet 208: Deep Brick Red

The overall look of the tube is sleek and polished with a magnetic closure embossed with the Marc Jacobs brand logo. As far as the formula, it's highly pigmented, creamy and glides on smoothly on the lips with a very hydrating feeling. It also provides a 10 hour wear with one swipe of color. I prefer applying the lipstick with a brush for more precision since it is a red and it requires a bit more time during application, but it's nonetheless a very easy formula to work with.



In conclusion, finding the perfect shade of red shouldn't be a daunting task. It's all about figuring out your skins undertones and haircolor. From there, have some fun playing around and experimenting until you're happy with that ideal red.



Dulce Candy

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