Green Vest w/ Lace + Light-wash Denim Jeans #OOTD

The older I’m getting the more I find myself dressing for the moment. I actually attempted to wear a DVF vintage wrap dress with red heels today, but immediately  changed when I realized how inappropriate this ensamble would’ve been for today’s activities.  I had to run a few errands around town and I had to pick up my son from pre-school this afternoon. I just couldn’t see myself feeling uncomfortable while trying to cross off everything from my to-do list.
Maybe it’s also the relaxed California lifestyle that I live that has been influencing me to dress for the moment and situation. And this is what the outcome for today’s outfit was.....a hunter green vest with lace trimming,  light wash denim jeans, comfy boots, and a hat to disguise my bad/lazy hair day.
Even  though this look is relaxed and casual, I felt put together and stylish because it still required thought and creativity.
There’s days where you’ll   find me in dark denim jeans, tee shirts, an Tory Burch flats.  That’s my safe, go-to look for days where I’m lacking creativity or I’m having a busy day in which the last thing I want to stress about is an outfit.

So you might see my style evolve here on my blog. My looks  might start to be more casual rather than dressy, but I want to show you guys my REAL, everyday wearable looks. That’s the new goal that I’ll be embarking upon.

What I wore today:

Zara Wool Hat (similar)

Target Vest (LOVE this one)

Target Jeans

H&M booties (3 years old! Similar here)

Louie Vuitton Speedy

Michael Kors Watch


What's your everyday go-to look? Let me know!


Have a great day loves!



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