How to: EASY Pumpkin Spice Latte in a Crockpot!

Hi Guys! Since summer is officially over I am getting in the mood for the fall season! So I found this amazing recipe for Pumpkin spice lattes that I want to show you!

It is super fun and easy to make and it made my house smell amazing!

 You guys have to try this at home! The whipped cream on top is a must to make it taste extra delicious. I got this coffee mug at world market and I absolutely love it because it has a lion on it which represents my zodiac sign, which is a leo. 


Here is the recipe below!

   It was so much fun making this and it helped me get in the mood for fall and stop being sad that summer was over. I would love to see pictures of your pumpkin spice latte if you guys do try this recipe out! So tag #dulcecandy when you post pictures on social media! Happy Fall everyone!


Dulce Candy

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