Moments Captured

I was cleaning out my desktop and came across a few pictures I took on my last trip to NYC. I want to start sharing these random moments with you from now on. I will call them "Moments Captured". Enjoy!

 You guys might know Jorge by now. He's an incredible person who I made an INSTANT connection with a few months ago on shoot for Neutrogena. I'm so happy he's in my life because not only does he make me feel and look good (he's a MEGA talented makeup artist)when we work together, but he's also a caring person who gives me some of the best life advice.   Love you Jorge!  Get ready for all of our selfies. LOL.

Here we are with coolest photographer ever! Thank you Peter for making this shoot awesome! And for teaching me how to do the "Squinch", haha. If you guys don't know what that is, check out his awesome videos on Youtube!

Nothing like a hot shower in your hotel room after traveling all day. #FreshFaceSelfie

Leaving New York.

#Ballin' Just kidding, I got hooked up. :)


Well this is end of this photo diary. Did you enjoy it? If so, let me know! I would love to post more!


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