Outfit of the Day: Big Comfy Sweaters + OTK Boots

Hi babes!! Today was one of those days in which I didn't have too much work to catch up on which left me with some free time to shoot today's look. Yay, for the holidays!! I've been wanting to try the oversized sweater + OTK boots trend for a while now and I finally found a sweater that wasn't too big on my frame.  Note:: If you're "average" size, this hoodie will not work for you as a dress. Just click on the link and look at the model wearing it. Haha.  Also, I've been rocking these black boots for a few years now because they are the only ones that I have found that don't reach my hip bone! #Shortgirlproblems Anyway, I wore black tight socks that made my boots look a little higher than they are. Just a little tip :) 

On a personal note, what do you guys have planned for the weekend?  Izek and I caught a cold a few days ago so we are going to stay home (as usual) and just relax and kick it on the BUTT! I've been doing lots of organizing in the house which has been so much fun for me so I'm probably going to do that as well. Well, I hope you have a great Friday night! xx Talk soon. 

What I wore: Sweater:: Express//Boots:: I.N.C.//Choker:: Aldo


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