Outfit of the Day: California Rain

Happy Monday!

 I want to start off this post with a text from ShineText.com 
I receive daily motivational quotes and affirmations that always kick off my day to a great start! My friend Leila told me about it and I look forward to reading my morning texts  every day (sometimes they are really funny, too).  The way your day is going to play out is by the intention you decide to set out that morning. Once you start with a negative attitude, it becomes harder to change the outcome throughout the day. I firmly believe that we are in charge of our happiness. NEVER give someone else that power of you. 

I love reflecting on these daily messages. Here's what I received today. 
Happy Monday, Dulce!

How we feel about our lives is often the sum of the stories we tell ourselves. Plus, we can be our harshest critics (ex: I'm always falling behind, I'm not decisive, etc).

Kick off the week by reframing frustrated "go-to feelings" & becoming a more empowering narrator on the story of your life.

Mirror shot! Here's a little glimpse of how our home is coming along! 

Another simple look that never fails me. I started with one of my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans. I then added a long-sleeve bodysuit for warmth and a classic black vest to add some sophistication. For accessories, I went with a floppy hat (do we still call them that?), black and gold watch to match and my new RM booties!

I LOVE these new Rebecca Minkoff booties. So comfy and chic! I already know I'm going to be wearing these all fall/winter long. 

Hat:: Merona Target// Bodysuit:: Naked Wardrobe// Jeans:: TopShop//Booties:: courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff (THANK YOU!)// watch:: Michael Kors// Bag:: YSL (Gift from the hubbs)


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