Outfit of the Day: Grey and Pink

Happy Monday.

You gotta love the feeling of a fresh start to the week, right? 

 I've been in an incredibly great mood lately because I wake up in the morning and make the conscious decision to focus on the good things in life. Right down to the small wonders of this world. Life is too short to waste these precious moments that are gone forever as the seconds tick by. My husband and I decided to head out and drive an hour out of L.A. to take some pictures of the outfit that I wore today. We ended up in Ojai, CA. right on Lake Casitas. My family and I came here a few times when I was younger, so it was really nice to be a place that I only remembered as a kid.  Time has passed, but the days still look the same. It almost feels like I'm the only one who has changed. But then I look around and there are signs of reincarnation everywhere. Just look at these beautfuil trees and leaves. *deep sight* Oh, Nature. There's nothing like you in this world.

What I wore:

Grey Vest (shop similar here)

White Sheer Blouse 

Papaya Clothing Jeans

Charlotte Russe Laced Pink Heels

Michael Kors 'Cynthia' Bag ON SALE 

Quay Australia 'My Girl' sunglasses

Thanks for stopping by today, loves! See you tomorrow!



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