Outfit of the Day: Mommy On Duty

Hi! Excited to post a NEW #OOTD!

 The reality is that I am a Mom who wants style and comfort when getting dressed. I'm not alone on this, am i?
I wish I could rock those 6-inch heels and tight little dresses to pick up my son from school, but honestly, I would feel so out of place. And the whole focus would be on making sure I don't trip on something and fall flat on my face or that an ass cheek is exposed for all the parents to see. Yikes! (But don't get it twisted girls, I'm not against it. I just rather leave that ensemble to its appropriate setting)

I recently met up with a professional from Closet World and she designed a walk-in closet for a spare bedroom we have here at the house. It's A LOT smaller than the previous one from the old house, which means I will have to get rid of at least 50% of what I own, in order to have a curated wardrobe that is clutter-free and filled with items I appreciate. My point is that I only want to wear what I truly love and feel comfortable in because that gives me a major confidence boost.  

Today's outfit was what I wanted; comfort and style. You'll be seeing a lot more of these what I call #MommyOnDuty outfits. 

Top & Jeans:: Zara (old)// Bag:: Chloé Drew Crossbody // Shoes:: Breckelle's

What would you classify your #MommyOnDuty outfit to be? Let me know!


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