Sparkly Shoes!

I’ve been visiting the Glendale Galleria with my hubby for the past couple of months and stepping inside Steve Madden every time. I kept yearning for the gold sparkly oxfords they had for $60 but Jesse always said I should wait. This past Monday we went to The Americana to buy a few more Christmas presents and decided to check out the mall across the street as well. Needless to say we ended up going inside Steve Madden where I saw the gold oxfords 50% off!! What a deal right?! Anyway, Jesse decided to buy them for me as an early Christmas present and since they were %50 off he bought me the other multi colored ones too. We pretty much got one pair for free which couldn’t get any better. They only had size 8 left at the store since they were on sale so I had to order them in a size 6 there. Shipping was FAST (just got them today). I love them! 
Below are also some other shoes I bought online a few days ago and a huge statement necklace from Juice Couture. I love the pom poms. 
Check out my haul video below if you want to see which other things I picked up at The Americana. By the way, the Christmas decor is BEAUTIFUL there. Were going again on Friday to check out the light show they will be hosting. 

Wonderful Day

Monday began with my first final of the week. Below is the finished dress that I made all by myself in a matter of a few weeks. Glad to say I got an A! I decided to make this dress for my little sister Wendy since she has a very spunky and wild personality. I can’t wait to show you guys how cute it’s going to look on her once I style it and take her a mini photo-shoot. Anyway, after class I drove home and Jesse and I decided to take a walk in Downtown Burbank for cold and delicious Taro Boba and funnel cake. Walking has given me so much energy, and trust me now that I’m in my third trimester and all I want to do is sleep. Now were back and I’m watching Chucky (so not scary anymore) which I use to be deathly afraid of when I was 6 years old. 
BTW: Are any of you going to Universal Studios Hollywood this weekend!? Jesse and I will be there to have a wonderful Grinchmas! So excited to see all the lights, characters (of course the Grinch) and feel the real snow! See you there…

ILisii on Twitter gave me the good idea to post locations on my blog of places I visit just in case you guys ever want to drop by visit it yourself.
Boba Loca
148 North San Fernando Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91502-1207
(818) 842-0406

My cute coffee mugs from Target

Oh Christmas Tree!

Hand crafted and highly detailed ornaments can be quite expensive so were making it a tradition to purchase 5 different ones every year for our Christmas tree (one for Izek, Chanel, Gizmoe, Jesse and I). Hopefully in the next few years our Christmas tree will be decked out in different and some one of a kind ornaments. This year we also bought a fake tree because they are easier to maintain, make no mess, and can be used every year. We bought ours at Target last month and we absolutely love it!

 Heres a makeup look I filmed a few times but never uploaded it. It was from Kesha’s Seveneteen Cover shoot.
 My little princess before her photo-shoot :)

Love Bug Lens

Hey guys!
Here is a sneak at my next hair tutorial. It was inspired by Bridget Bardot for her sexy bedroom hair. I’ll show you a new way to set your curls in case you have hard time trying to curl you hair. Also, the lenses were sent from a few weeks back and are included in my November favorites! I love the new look a fresh pair of contact lenses gives you. 

Don’t forget to check out my Baby Center journal entries in case you want to see how my little turkey is cooking in the oven. :) 

The Modern Mullet

Are you scared? Well you should be! Just kidding. I was just reading your comments on my new video (down below) and a lot of you seem to be scared of the MULLET. I gotta admit, the word alone sounds scary but the look it self is edgy and chic! So anyway, I’ve been a TERRIBLE blogger these past few months and there is NO excuse. Well actually there is, since I’m humongous now and my clothes do not fit, I only have a few things in my wardrobe that I can actually wear and style. I’m due in 9 weeks so what’s the point in getting new clothes right? But I promise you my fashion blog will be up and running in a few weeks, so bear with me. I’ve been collecting a lot of new clothes and shoes that I can’t wait to style and wear for my daily outfits of the day. My husband even asked why I don’t lug around my Canon anymore. Enjoy this look though :) 

(Thanks to my subbie on Twitter who sent me this picture, I was glad I was able to do it.)