Plans and more plans


Daddy’s girl
My family came over to our house to celebrate my little sisters 20th birthday! (Twilight  style LOL)
I wore my new ZARA blazer along with a pink Forever 21 top and Primark (bought in London) shoes.
I went for something casual since we were all just lounging around the house. 
Oh and guess what!? We found the place where we are hosting the reception for our wedding!! The thing 
is though that it’s no longer August 20th (my birthday) it might be August 13th but it’s okay. Having our
wedding on the 20th would take all the meaning out of my birthday so a week before is even better. 
Next on the agenda is to look for a church and then a month from now my wedding dress!!! (triple exclamation). I’m giving my body one more month to get down to a decent size so I don’t have to alter
my dress too often. I already have my dream dress on speed dial, it’s by Monique Lhuillier and it’s
just the most beautiful fairytale dress. Let’s just hope I can make this happen. 

Breaking The Rules


I always thought the colors black and brown never went together. In all honesty, I always dressed avoiding
putting those two with each other. Today was different though because
no matter with what purse in my collection I paired this ZARA jacket with, this black Aldo purse seemed
to look the best.  Another example on how breaking the rules in fashion works towards your advantage.

ZARA coat
Aldo Shoes
Aldo Purse
Stella & Dot necklace
Invicta gold watch

Feeling Bright


ZARA top, Forever 21 shorts and shoes, Invicta gold watch, and “One of a Kind” pleated gold cuff.
Have a safe and lovely weekend honey buns. XOXO

The Dance


Hi dolls!
Today Jesse and I visited a few venues in Santa Monica which had beautiful views but it was not what
we were thinking so were are still looking, wish us luck! Since we were at the harbor already, I decided to
change the scenario and shoot todays outfit of the day here:) The day was GORGEOUS, 81 degrees.
*heaven on earth i tell ya* Anywho, I was up last night at 1 AM during Izek’s feeding and fell in love with
this beautiful song sung by Garth Brooks, “The Dance”. It’s been on replay all day on my iPhone.
I love country music, it’s so meaningful and the lyrics are great! What do you think?
Well I have to go now and edit my new makeup tutorial but enjoy the post. XOXO

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Forever21 (These shoes killed my feet FYI)
Watch: River Island (bought in London last summer)

Another casual day


Hey dolls!
So today my little family and I decided to head out to the mall for a bit of retail therapy. I got a few
things that I cannot wait to share with you on future post, mostly all from ZARA. I wore this casual
outfit because I love being comfortable while I shop. You will never see me with heels at the mall. My
feet will die if that was the case. Anyway, I got a few questions as to why Jesse and I hired a wedding
planner. Well, balancing a new life with a baby, school, work, Youtube, blog, and the new project
(the exciting news I will share with you soon on my blog), has taken a lot of energy from me.
If you ever planned a wedding then you know how much stress it is. I tried. I just rather not. A wedding planner was the best
thing for us. Of course I obviously still have input which is great because besides the stress, it’s
actually very fun to plan a weeding.
Speaking of weddings, tomorrow we are going out to see a few venues. One of them is
beyond beautiful, right by the beach in Santa Monica. *sigh* so romantic. The rest of the week is
filled with appointments and meetings so expect dressier outfits!!
Until then, check out how chubby my little turtle is getting.

“What’s up ladies?”