Outfit of the Day: Clarity

Break It Down
Vest:: Forever 21 or similar// Jeans:: Topshop petite (old) or similar// Shoes:: Zara or similar// Handbag:: Tous or similar// Necklace:: Jewel Mint or similar// Earrings:: Macy’s// Sweater:: Love Culture

Polka Dot Jeans::

White Heels::

Outfit of the day: Visually Soft

Lavender peplum:: H&M (similar style in black)// Necklace:: H&M (similar color profile here)// Skirt:: Zara or similar// Clutch:: Zara or similar// Shoes:: TJ MAXX or similar// Cuff:: Jewel Mint or similar// Earrings:: Forever 21 or similar

Purple Peplum Tops:

Mint shoes:

Outfit of the Day: Trumpet Skirt

Black body suit:: Target or similar// Trumpet Skirt:: Zara or similar// Heels:: Saint Laurent// Cross-body bag:: Target or similar// Leather jacket:: Zara

Ruffles and Pink

This look represents the girly-girl that will always be in me. I can’t stray far from pink and ruffles and it’s been that way since I was a tiny tot.
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Break it down:
Pink coat:: Charlotte Russe (2 years old) or similar// Grey Sweater:: Target (new s/s 14′)// Pants:: Zara or similar// Shoes:: Saint Laurent// Bag:: Just Fab (new) or similar

Soft Pink Coats:

Grey Jeans:

Rediscovering My Style

I’m going through something. Something positive. Not sure what it is, but I believe it might be a spiritual awakening. Too soon to tell, but I just feel different and I can’t put my finger in exactly what “it” is. I feel like a new person and I’m eager to share this process with you. All of you. This is making life more beautiful though because I know that there’s more to life than what we see. What we experience in 3D. I’ve been trying to reach my inner self. The real me who has always been sort of “peeking” through my eyes. My soul.

As I’m going through this, I’m also rediscovering my style. Wearing things that truly make me feel comfortable. Styling outfits that resonate with the deeper “me”. I never thought about it this way, but I’ve always known that clothes should represent the person and the story they’re trying to tell about the individual. You might see a subtle change or you might see a drastic change in the way I dress. I’m not sure yet, but I’m on a mission to discover that.

This look just feels right.

Break it down:

Kimono:: Lovely Day or similar// Romper:: Love Culture or similar// Campaign Hat:: Zara or similar// Shoes:: Zara or similar// Clutch:: Style Code or similar
Boho Kimono Cover ups:

Black Rompers: