Outfit of the Day: The Lady in Me

Today I felt like taking it up a notch. I’ve always described my style as fun, flirty,feminine and at times eclectic. Truth be told though, it’s not too practical for me to be wearing these types of garments on an everyday basis. Today was different and I just wanted to feel more like a woman. A sexy tight pencil skirt with a long sleeve crop top was the prefect look I wanted to go with this morning and it sure did make me feel different.

This again is an outfit from my last haul and I just can’t wait to start rocking everything else for my blog <3

Until we meet again :)

Top:: Eden Sky// Skirt:: Eden Sky// Shoes:: Valentino// Bag:: DailyLook (old)// Rings:: H&M

Outfit of the Day: Feeling the Nature Vibes

The past few days have been…well…different. I went to my local national park to feel the air, to visit mother nature and inhale her strong energy. It calms and grounds me to a state of bliss, somehow all my worries seems to go away.

I finally wore this new dress from my most recent HAUL video. I’ve really grown to love this shade of blue. I think mostly because my hair has been lighter which is very complementary now to my skintone.

Dress:: Eden Sky// Belt:: Target// Shoes:: Target// Earrings: Wet Seal// Bag:: Thrifted

Outfit of the Day: August, 7 2014

Happy Friday! Can’t believe the end of the week is finally here. Honestly lost track of time with everything I’ve been busy with. But I’m excited because we get to have Izek all weekend long!

Currently watching Good Day LA while sipping on a kale smoothie. I bought a bag full of it yesterday and it had this delicious recipe in the back to create a smoothie containing 1 cup of honey greek yogurt, 1 cup of mixed berries, 1 banana, 1 cup of almond milk, and ice. So good and I’m not even a fan of kale, guys! Trying to fuel up in the morning a healthier way. Anyway, it’s almost time to wake Izek up for pre school so I gotta go! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys have a blessed Friday. See you tomorrow on the blog! :)

Jumpsuit:: Material Girl x Macy’s// Bag:: Target// Shoes:: Target

Outfit of the Day: Laced up

Good morning! I finally wore ‘sneakers’ yesterday and this only happens a few times a month….or probably more like a few times a year I would say. I’ve had these shoes for about 2 years now and felt like breaking them in with my favorite pair of jeans for a day of shopping. The main reason I don’t wear many sneakers is because they don’t help the fact that 4’9”, so when they have a wedge that gives me height it makes them all the better!
I love to style my casual tees with a pearl necklace because they somehow dress up a look that can be extremely casual and boring. It definitely makes the difference.

Top:: Forever21// Necklace:: Unknown// Jeans:: Old Navy// Shoes:: (Similar)// Watch:: Michael Kors (here)// Backpack:: Tory Burch (also here)

Outfit of the Day: Green.

Top:: (Old)// Pants:: Forever 21// Shoes:: Zara// Backpack:: Tory Burch// Watch:: Michael Kors (HERE)

Black Laced up Heels:

Tory Burch backpacks I’m currently craving: