Review/Demo: Too Faced Melted Metal Liquid Lipsticks

I received  a cute little pink box in the mail about 2 weeks ago with the new Too Faced Melted Metal lipsticks. Being a fan of the original melted lipsticks I was very excited to start trying these little suckers out.

This is how the items were shipped. Nestled inside this cosmetics bag while resting in a pink supported bed of stuffing.

Sleek metallic packaging.

There are 8 new shades available in this collection valued at $21 each.

L - R

Peony, Macaron, Dream House, Tu-Tu, Bunny, Violet, Debutante, Jelly

Like the originals, these are hydrating, and creamy. One layer gives you that true metallic finish, while a few more coats intensifies the color and adds a glossier look.

Some of the colors were a little to hard too pull off (i.e. Tu-Tu and Debutante).  Probably because they just don’t match my skin tone. I would really love to see them on women of different skin color.  

Side note:
A nude metallic  would’ve been interesting, right?


I REALLY hope this post was helpful for you or at least fun to read/watch. Thank you!




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