#SweetTreats Fourth Of July Give-a-way Contest Results

Hey guys! Thank you so much for checking out my site and participating!  Like I promised you, there would be tons of amazing gifts for all of you who are a part of this community. Since I am super excited about my book coming out next month we are doing special give-a-way contests over the next few weeks!  


There’s a few ways to win:  


Random pick from the people who pre-order my book and send proof of purchase to dulcecandyblog@gmail.com  

Random pick of the top 50 people on the leaderboard

  As promised, four give-a-ways in honor of the Fourth of July holiday!

  1st Give-a-way

-Covergirl “The Sunkisser” bronzer

- Smashbox Primer water

- Belleápierre cosmetics brush  

2nd Give-a-way

- Lorac Cobra Mascara

- Tarte Sweet Dreams Deluxe Set

- Bliss firming and luminous tinted body spray

- Bare Minerals travel size Original Foundation with travel size brush  

3rd give-a-way

-Toms traveler sunglasses

-Nylon X Memebox Sweet16 Eye Face Palette  

4th give-a-way

- Covergirl “The Sunkisser” bronzer

- Pop Beauty Face Magnet Primer

- 2 Almay Lipsticks  


Congratulations to............


Maria Arroyo: 1st Give-a-way  

Brenda Aguirre: 2nd Give-a-way

  Kristina Prasilik: 3rd Give-a-way  

Tanisha Golding: 4th Give-a-way  


We will be contacting you shortly to confirm your shipping address.


Peace and love, 


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