#SweetTreats Give-a-way!

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for checking out my site and participating!  Like I promised you, there will be tons of amazing gifts for all of you who are a part of this community.  Every Friday moving forward (unless otherwise stated) I will be selecting the winner of that weeks give-a-way. 

There's a few ways to win.

- Person (or top 3) with the highest point on the leader board. Which is how today's winner was chosen. 


- A random pick between the top 50 people on the leader board.

We will be choosing more than one winner also advancing from now.


The prizes for this give-a-way include:

1st give-a-way

- Coastal Scents Revealed Palette with 20 Eye Shadow Colors 

-Kristofer Buckle Absolutely Nude Lip Crayon Collection 

2nd give-a-way

- Bliss 'Fuzz' off Foam 

-Bliss Hide and Glow Sleek

-Laura Geller Pouch with Brighten Pink Grapefruit Blush & Blush Brush 

3rd give-a-way

- Benefit High Flyin' Glosses 

- Zoya Nail Polish 

- Bath & Body Works Plumeria Ultra Sheer Body Cream 


Congratulations to.....


       1st Give-a-way                           2nd Give-a-way                     3rd Give-a-way

We will be contacting you shortly to gather your shipping information. 




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