Why It's Important To Fall In Love w/ Yourself

Why don’t we see our beauty? Why don’t we fall in love with ourselves?  These are the type of questions that I’ve been searching for answers. People may say this is narcissistic, but there is a difference between falling in love with yourself (the soul) vs. and ego driven mentality that makes one feel superior.
How do we expect other people to love us unconditionally and deeply yet, we don’t have that same kind of love for ourselves?

Before I share what helped me along my venture, I want to share a few incidents that happened in my life that played a huge role into how I perceived myself.

At the tender age of 5 is when I have the earliest memory of when I became aware my appearance.  I remember looking at my reflection in a mirror and thinking how much I loved my nose because it looked like a cute VW Beetle. I never missed the opportunity to look at myself and think how cute my nose was at such a young age.  It’s interesting because in most cases we place no judgment on ourselves or others at that age. We only see purity and love, and that’s our real essence.  So what causes one to divert?

Tracing these feelings this far back motivated me to search for that place of acceptance once again.  Here are a few ways that have helped me fall in love with ME.


The first thing that has helped me has been positive affirmations. This exercise helps re-train your mind to set patterns of positive thinking.  For some of us, it's second nature to feed in negative thoughts.  When I began this change in my life, I started to journal 15 positive affirmations in the morning to kick off my day. This exercise helped because it formed a habit for me.  According to the University College London, it takes 66 days for something to become habitual. So make positive affirmations a habit!

Mirror Work

Mirror work goes hand in hand with positive affirmations.  Have you ever noticed that even before you look at your reflection, you already have it in your mind that you look bad?  Let me tell you that what I have found to work extremely well for me is to have something positive in my mind about myself set up before I take a look in the mirror. It’s all about perspective. Whatever you decide in your mind will be true regardless if it’s a positive or negative compliment.  Talk to yourself often in a positive way and affirm it out loud. Embrace who you are and the things that make you unique. That is your power!

Love the little child you use to be

This is probably the most profound life changing realization that I’ve had in my 20’s. Where did our inner child go? She’s still in there!  Try visualizing the child you use to be and tell her all of the things you would say to her if she were your own daughter.  This exercise helps me greatly because I can nurture and love my inner child so she is never forgotten.  That innocence and purity within us are still there. All we have to do is connect to that young and vibrant spirit inside us all.  I’ve connected with my inner child to the point of tears at one point because I was asking her for forgiveness for all of the harmful words and actions I took upon myself growing up.  It’s a beautiful thing I hope people experience. It also helps me not take life so seriously and laugh more often.  

These are just a few simple but powerful ways that I have found on my path to enlightenment and self-love.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Special thanks to my #SnapFam for the love and great questions during this Q&A. Love Y'all!

Have a blessed and beautiful day.



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