The Shirt Dress

Living in Southern California for the past 21 years of my life means that I have adapted a pretty casual style that consists of tee's, jean shorts, and sandals. My Mom taught me to always look my best, even to the grocery store.  It's easy for me to throw on some basic, casual things from wardrobe  with absolutely no thought and head out the door, especially being a Mom.  I know that the way we look is sometimes the last thing we think about. 

I believe it's important to look your absolute BEST every day of your life. Now, that doesn't mean getting glammed up head to toe, but it does require thought and creativity.  I feel more confident when I try and dress well and in turn my whole day has a more positive outlook.  I encourage you to always try and be the BEST version of yourself that you can be. You'll be surprised  what amazing things it does to your self-esteem.


What I wore:

Glamorous Belted Shirt Dress: Nordstrom

Shoes: Just Fab

Tote: Louis Vuitton Damier

Watch: Michael Kors Runway


Have a blessed and beautiful day, my loves!



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