Thrift Store Look Book| Spring 2015

Hey guys, welcome to a new video and a new segment here on

I’m going to be adding a new spin to my thrift store hauls and not only sharing what hidden treasures I found, but also how I incorporate them into my personal style. As you guys know, I’m all about affordability when it comes to my wardrobe, because I believe you don’t have to spend much to look amazing! Hopefully with this series I can encourage you guys to embrace your local thrift stores. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll be surprised how fun it is to find all of these unique gems that will set your style apart from the rest.


Look #1

- American Apparel Black Body Suit

- Thrifted pants from the 90's

- Thrifted purse from the 90's

- Zara shoes

- Forever 21 hat

Look #2

- Thrifted Floral Blazer

- Zara polka dot blouse

- Target Belt

- Target Shorts

- Charlotte Russe heels

- Michael Kors bag via TJ Maxx

Look #3

- Thrifted XXL African Print Shirt

- Zara Shoes

- Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag

- Target Nude Belt

Look #4

- Thrifted Little Girls Denim Dress

- Thrifted Red Clutch

- Forever 21 Nautical Dress

- Forever 21 Necklace

- Just Fab Red Shoes

Which one was your favorite?

 Request are also highly appreciated, so please leave me your comments down below! Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated with all my new videos. Also, please help my name my new fashion series! Can't wait to hear your ideas! Have a blessed and wonderful day my loves.





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