Tips on Wearing Over-the-Knee Boots (Petite)

If you're petite like me (5'3" and under), then you've probably felt isolated from several trends/styles because of our height. I don't like to dress by the 'rules' because then it limits my creativity and expression. So if you've ever felt that you can't wear OTK boots because you're short, hopefully these tips give you the confidence to try them out!

- First and foremost, I would recommend finding a solid style. Prints regardless of the size, can be too overwhelming on petite legs.

- Make sure the length of the boot fits snug. It’s doesn’t have to feel and look tight, but as long as the thigh area doesn’t ‘swim’ in the center you should be good. If you do find a style that you really love, but the thigh area doesn’t fit, you can either take them to your local cobbler, or you can do what I do and buy affordable thigh-high socks to match your boots. You can also pull them slightly higher than the boot to make the shoes look and feel fitted at the top (like I did here).

- Wear matching pants! One of the easiest ways to rock your OTKB. Grey boots= grey jeans/leggings or pants. You want to keep everything streamlined.

- Give yourself 4-6 inches of free space (visible fabric or skin) between boot and skirts/shorts. The more thigh you show the better!

- Keep the rest of the outfit fitted. You want to avoid flowy tops or heavy bulky jackets. Keeping the look proportionate. - Avoid flat OTK boots. They swallow your legs and can make you appear shorter. The trick is to have at least a few inches of heel to elongate the legs!

- And last but definitely not least…rock them with confidence! That's all it takes! I want to thank Guess for the opportunity to take part of their #BootieShot campaign! The boots that I'm wearing in this post are the Guess Zonian Over-the-Knee Pointed-Toe Boots in dark grey!

Sweater:: French Connection// Shorts:: H&M// Boots:: Guess// Bag:: Segolene en cuir

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