Welcome to the new DulceCandy.com!

I created this site because I’m a big fan of you – my fans and supporters – and I wanted to build a digital community for us. I’ve always wanted to find a way to better interact with my fans and this site provides that. Here’s why.

While I love social platforms like YouTube (the birthplace of my brand!), Facebook and Instagram, it’s difficult for me to filter through all the comments and determine which comments need a response. Plus, I know that there are some incredible superfans out there but I don’t have a good way of recognizing, rewarding and collaborating with you. You deserve better.

This new site isn’t just the new digital home for the best of all my social content, original posts and the latest news, but it’s also a unique solution that rewards members for their engagement! Every comment, share, like, and referral earns you points within my Inner Circle

The Inner Circle leaderboard & a call for contributors

The top 50 Inner Circle members will be featured on the public Leaderboard, which I’m super excited to debut. It’s a way for me to say “thank you” to my fans and showcase this amazing community. Plus, members will have a chance to win prizes and receive freebies from me, including makeup, clothing, and other products to make your life more sweet.

Also, this site can turn you into a content superstar. Anyone can submit content, and I’ll regularly use the leaderboard to identify new contributors to my site. That’s right!

I’m looking for superfans that will help me build this into a fun and supportive community. Member contributors will be invited to post new articles and tutorials, write about products and trends, and report on the activity of the community.

So, no matter what social network you follow me on, you can visit this site to get the latest content from all my social feeds, plus -- original posts like behind-the-scenes images, personal insights and seen-only-here news from yours truly and --- from you!

Of course, I’ll still be posting all my videos to YouTube and posting updates to Facebook and other networks, so you can still comment there if you prefer. But be sure to visit DulceCandy.com regularly to see original posts and engage here – on the site that rewards you for every positive action you take!

This site is ever-evolving

This site is a new platform and we're still tweaking things and adding features. If you find a bug, please be patient. :) If you want to suggest a feature, please let us know.

Thank. You. 

That’s why this website update is such a big deal to me. It’s the culmination of years of admiring the incredible support that you have given me and wanting to reward you and collaborate with you.

We’ll be adding new features to the site in the months ahead, so stay tuned.

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