#WipeforWater Challenge ft. Kristen Bell

Hi Everyone!
As a resident of California, it’s become very apparent to me what we have to make changes in our daily habits to help conserve water. Our state is in a drought crisis and if we each make a small change in our day to day lives and rituals, we will together help conserve water and ensure that not only our bodies are hydrated, but that we are also able to keep our natural habitat alive and healthy. Check out this article for the latest updates in CA: California Water Restrictions
I’m very excited to continue my partnership with Neutrogena, especially around this amazing cause. You can read more about the #WipeforWater challenge and campaign here in an awesome piece Adweek included me in. You can also learn more on their microsite and on 4/14 on my channel and here on my blog. However, I wanted to bring up this timely and critical issue of water conservation today in order to start a discussion and spread awareness; as everyday we continue to waste water is another day we won’t have sufficient water in the future. 
The amazing Kristen Bell has prompted me to take the challenge, so please join me in this cause and stay tuned on 4/14 on youtube.com/DulceCandy for my own pledge for the #WipeforWater challenge. 
Thank you and have a beautiful Thursday!
More info:
Do you know that every day you can waste up to 5 gallons of water just by washing your face? This Earth Day and Month, Kristen Bell is teaming up with Neutrogena® Naturals and The Nature Conservancy to help conserve water. So get involved and pledge at www.wipeforwater.com to clean your face without using water. For each pledge, Neutrogena® Naturals will contribute $1 to The Nature Conservancy to support water conservation, up to $50,000.

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