Outfit of the Day: Overall

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I pulled out my trusted overalls from Walmart. That’s right! I bought them a few months ago for less than $20 and they’ve brought me fond memories of the early 2000′s when overalls where in style.
I could see myself wearing these on a casual weekend with a pair of white low-top sneakers and a cute cami underneath. It’s all about versatility and this garment brings just that.

What I wore:
Leotard:: Forever 21// Overalls:: Walmart (similar)// Shoes:: H&M// Handbag:: Tous// Necklace:: Urban Outfitters// Watch:: Target// Bangle:: Jewel Mint

Outfit of the Day: New Day- New Look

Hey loves, today is a new day which means a new outfit was created. YAY! Pretty effortless and comfortable which is something I’ve been striving for the past few years since I became a Mom. And now even more since Izek is a big boy! I’ve really been enjoying this romper from Target and this is the second time I’ve had the chance to wear it. The first time I wore it to the airport because it’s easy to wear, loose, and forgiving since I always seem to feel and look bloated every time I travel. Didn’t have to suck it in! LOL

Oh and I also got my hair done yesterday. Went a bit lighter. What do you guys think?
Anyway, I hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend. Thank you for stopping by! XO

Hat:: Forever21// Romper:: Target (new)// Shoes:: Sheiks (old)// Handbag:: JustFab (old)

Get the look here!

Outfit of the Day: Heat Wave

What I Wore:
Top| Forever 21:: Shorts| Unknown:: Handbag| Louis Vuitton Speedy 30:: Shoes|Tory Burch:: Necklace|Charming Charlie

DIY: Babyshower Centerpieces + Personal Family Pictures

Hey guys! As requested, I DIY’d the centerpieces I handmade for my sister Cynthia’s baby-shower. I was very surprised as to how cute they came out and everyone loved them too! They’re simple yet elegant and are great for any outdoor babyshower or you can substitute the fabric with lace for a wedding! If you guys get a chance to make these for any occasion or just home decor I would love to see them! #DulceCandy on Instgram <3 Happy Crafting!

1| Flowers- You can get these at the Flower Mart in Downtown LA for a great deal or you can visit your local dollar store.
2| Twine
3| Natural Fabric- You can also substitute this material with lace for a wedding appropriate centerpiece.
4| Glass Vase
5| Dikes
6| Fabric scissors
7| Flower tape (Can be found on-line or at your local craft store)
8| Gems
9| Hot glue gun + glue sticks

Tags where made out of a sheet of cork paper. I went on-line and printed out a templete, then traced it and cut it. The quote printed on is from a stamp I found at Mitchael’s.

Family pictures:

Outfit of the Day: Colorful Romper

Today my family and I had an amazing day! It started out with Izek waking up at 7 AM. My amazing husband went over to his room to get him ready for breakfast while he let me sleep in till about 9:30 AM! We then just hung out, I worked on few things while Izek played with his ‘guys’ (toys) while Jesse picked up the Kitchen.
I was about to start filming a new video around 11 AM, but we thought a better way to spend our Saturday was enjoying each others company, especially since Izek is in school full time now (summer camp). As we were walking out the door Jesse and Izek found a baby bird that seemed to be hurt, so we called the Wildlife Rehab Center for advice hoping they would take him/her in (by the way, THANK YOU to all of you who gave us tips and info on how to care for the birdie). They sadly said they couldn’t take it in so we took a visit to our local bird store and bought him a cute little cage so we can nurse it back to health and get him ready to be on his own again. Right now he seems to be pretty happy and less stressed. He’s sleeping in our room right now since it’s dark in there and I also read that the dark reduces the stress levels. FYI: We did leave him/her outside for roughly 45 minutes to see if the Mom was around, but no one ever showed up. We are calling a few more rehab centers on Monday hoping they can take it in for proper care.

We then had an early dinner and went to Walgreen’s before heading back home. I LOVED today. It was perfect. I’m just feeling so happy and grateful with my life right now. I love my family more than anything and I thank God every day for blessing me with their presence. How can I be in a bad mood if I have them? That would be time wasted and I no longer choose to waste my time being upset like I use to be all the time for no reason. Anyway, I wore this super bright and colorful summer appropriate outfit today to match my mood!

How did you guys spend your Saturday? I would love to know! Thank you for sharing! XO

Cardigan:: Forever21// Romper:: Random Boutique// Shoes:: Tory Burch (LOVE!)// Handbag:: Lodis// Leo Bracelets:: Charming Charlie// Pink Bracelet:: J. Crew

Rompers to love!