Outfit of the Day: Stripes and Jeans

When I get the urge to blog, I blog. I loved yesterday's look so much that I had to document it. It's a casual look that I wore out for lunch at this cute little French place, get my nails done, and take my little guy to his mixed martial arts class. It definitely beats the days when I don't put Read more

Outfit of the Day: Clean in White and Pink

Hey, loves! I'm back to share one of my favorite outfits this week. I love the "clean" feel of rocking white pants + a white bodysuit. I paired them with a pink bomber jacket from Papaya that I picked up last week. I was really surprised with myself because I didn't get any stains. Haha. You know Read more

Outfit of the Day: Blue Trench

I want to mark how exceptional today was. I woke up around 6 AM feeling completely energized from last nights work out, but on the other hand I also felt as if my creative energy was muted in some ways. Most days I try to "force" content because I have the passion to do it, but yet I'm still not Read more

Outfit of the Day: Long Camel Coat

The weather can be deceiving and today was one of those days.  The hubbs and I had another class today at the Long Beach Community College to complete our training so we can become foster/adoptive parents. We are so excited because we have one more class to go and we will be certified by the Read more

Outfit of the Day: Crochet Maxi Dress

My dear friends Jorge and Castillo came over today for a fun filled day of GLAM.  I love the cute-sy bow up-do paired with dark, but whimsical purple eyes. The dress was the icing on top to complete this girly-romantic look. What do you guys think? Follow me on Instagram for a mo Read more

How to: Black Smoky Eyes

Hello to my fellow makeup  junkies. Today I want to share with you a step-by-step makeup tutorial on how to achieve a black smoky eye. One of the hardest looks I've ever had to master. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about creating this classic, rocker chic look Read more

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