Urban Decay Naked Smoky Tutorial

Thanks to the lovely PR girls at Urban Decay I was able to get my hands on the new  NAKED SMOKY palette a bit sooner. Filled with anticipation, I just couldn't wait  till July 8th to post this tutorial.  I must say girls, this might be my FAVORITE palette of the three. I still owe Read more

Outfit of the Day: 70's Flare

This is my modern take on the 70's trend. Fringe, lace, tassels, and good ol' flared jeans. I could say this look is more reminiscent to me of those of my high school days from 2001-2005 when 'bell bottom' jeans were as staple in every girls closet (I frankly still have mine). I should probably d Read more

Simple and Easy Summer Makeup | Dulce Candy

Hey guys! Today is the part 2 video as I promised. Here, I'll be using all of the Laura Geller products that I hauled from Ulta last week.  I titled it  "Easy Summer Makeup" because it's light and wearable and perfect for the summer time. If you enjoyed it, please thumb it up! Read more

Makeup Haul: Laura Gellar Pt. 1

In today's video I'll be sharing with you a few of the makeup products that I picked up at Ulta last week. This is completely a Laura Gellar Haul because I didn't want to make this video super long, so I broke it down to just LG products. In the next video coming up tomorrow, I'll be doing a demo Read more

Casual Beige Dress + Wedges

We didn't really do much yesterday but stay home and relax (with a bit of decluttering) so Izek had the BRILLIANT idea to go to the movies. He wanted to see the new Jurassic World movie that came out this past Friday and man, that movie was good!  Filled with so much excitement and a few fun Read more

The Shirt Dress

Living in Southern California for the past 21 years of my life means that I have adapted a pretty casual style that consists of tee's, jean shorts, and sandals. My Mom taught me to always look my best, even to the grocery store.  It's easy for me to throw on some basic, casual things from wa Read more

Classic Casual Outfit w/ a Twist

I love rocking a classic look from time to time. Like one of my go-to weekend casual looks such as this one. A denim blouse paired with black jeans will never fail you. It looks clean, polished, and stylish.  I of course added my own little twist by pairing this look with white, 90's inspire Read more

The Half Bun Tutorial - 90's Trend |Dulce Candy|

I love this style of hair because it has that "I just rolled out of bed" look.  Effortless, messy, and wavy I think are the three main components when It comes to nailing this look down.  Pretty simple to recreate for yourself no matter what your hair length is (Unless you have a pixi c Read more

Iconic Beauties: Sophia Loren Makeup Tutorial

Today I was inspired by the beautiful and sexy  Italian actress, Sophia Loren. I was watching “Houseboat  ” last night on Netflix and I was completely captivated by her presence and beauty. This inspired me to create her signature look.Defined brows, long narrow cat eyes lin Read more

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