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You've discovered Sweet Soul which means you're about to begin a journey to discover something bigger – the joy and love deep within you!

Ready to live a soul-centered life?

Hola amiga!


 We'll help you cut through the noise of the world and in your own mind so you can focus on what's important to you... ¡Vamos!

You're the greatest project you'll ever work on!

Guided meditations, affirmations, monthly faves, deep convos, clean beauty content, and raw "Day In My Life" vlogs from Dulce! 

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Thank you for always being so open and transparent with us and taking us on your journey.. There is always so much to learn! Blessings and light!


I'm Dulce, your new amiga de corazon.

It's time you made time just for you – ahora mismo! As Latina women, we're used to constantly being on the go, surrounded by loud voices, loud music and all kinds of things that flood our senses. Sweet Soul is your guide to quieting the noise around you so you can begin to hear the beautiful sounds within your own soul.

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Learn to Journal + beginner friendly prompts! 

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The Stages of a Spiritual Awakening (And How to Process Them)

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Sweet Soul offers young Latina women a holistic approach to wellness of the body, mind and soul.